traffikator- Lagos' foremost social traffic app

lagos traffic just got social.

  • Uses GPS to locate you and other users
  • Gathers traffic information from Twitter and other sources
  • Generates maps that show you the traffic situation all over Lagos
  • Allows you to tweet and gist with other users

how it works

Developed by the overworked people at Chaos Theory, Traffikator delivers real-time traffic info using a combination of crowd-sourced traffic updates and geolocation. In plain English, Traffikator allows you to help make Lagos traffic better for everyone through the location data and reports you send to the Traffikator Network. The more you and your friends use Traffikator, the better and better it gets and the less and less we have to work- remember, we're overworked!

An added bonus of Traffikator is that you can connect and chat with users on the Traffikator Network directly on your mobile phone. You can also tweet at them and vice-versa.

Signup to be one of our alpha tester for Traffikator Alpha on your BlackBerry 6.0+ phone today.

NB: We're working tirelessly still, to make Traffikator available on Android, Nokia and Iphone. Poor us.